Nuaire Whole House Heat Recovery and Ventilation

by robert


 New Nuaire X-Box Whole house heat recovery and ventilation system

Due to improvements in air tightness within buildings, whole house heat recovery ventilation systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes to ensure adequate levels of ventilation. The MRXBOX95 range has low Specific Fan Power, and high heat exchange efficiency. This can result in up to 95% heat recovery within the property. 
 A typical whole house heat recovery system installation.


Image heat-recovery-house.jpg

Image doc2.jpg

At the centre of the whole house heat recovery system is the heat exchange block seen above

This type of continuous mechanical balanced ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is referred to as system 4 ventilation in approved document F of the building regulations. These systems can be effective at meeting part of the heating loads in energy efficient dwellings and help to effectively distribute the heat. Systems will typically be dual speed, on low speed delivering a continuous trickle ventilation with a rapid boost ventilation at a higher speed or boost to deal with wet areas during use providing whole house ventilation and heat recovery.

This is achieved by humidity sensors and or a manual boost switch for high moisture situations in bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens. 

In larger properties this can also be supplemented with single room heat recovery ventilators (SRHRV) as the boost for high moisture in wet rooms, this reduces the use of ducting or the possible need for larger units.



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