Condensation and Air Pollution

by robert

INDOOR AIR POLLUTION: Our Biggest Threat in Global Warming

Only if we dare to step away from the torrent of bad news can we see where the future needs us to focus our attention – on boring indoor air pollution rather than scary global warming. Such clear analysis will also help us realise that, on most accounts, the world is getting to be a better place.  See link below for full details. 


Condensation in buildings has risen from a level of comparative insignificance to become a major domestic problem. This can be attributed to changes in design of living accommodation and in the lifestyle of the occupants. A major factor in the last few years has been escalating fuel costs changes to building design and a growing public awareness of the need to conserve energy resulting in more widespread use of double glazing, better draught exclusion.  For further information please have a look at the following download. 

Download condensation---recognition-and-causes.pdf condensation---recognition-and-causes.pdf

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