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Stadium and Kair Single Room Heat Recovery

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A range of Kair anti condensation ventilation and heat recovery ventilation for whole house ventilation. Kair and Stadium Heat Recovery Room Ventilation (HRV)for all types of properties. By removing the stale air the unit controls condensation the heat recovery system prevents heat loss. This removes the condensation and black mould growth, effectively killing the mould by drying the property. Kair Whole house and single room Heat Recovery Systems removes condensation from your property and retains the heat, the heat recovery from the unit is effective and economical.


Energy efficient continuous whole house heat recovery for healthy air into kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, living rooms, lavatories, washrooms, conservatories, offices and bedrooms.

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275.00 + VAT (330.00 inc VAT)

Kair HRV150 Tamper Proof Screwdriver

Kair HRV150 Tamper Proof Screwdriver required to install the heat recovery unit.

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14.50 + VAT (17.40 inc VAT)

Kair HRV150 Screwdriver Bit

Kair HRV150 Screwdriver Bit is required for installation of the heat recovery unit.

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6.50 + VAT (7.80 inc VAT)

Window kit for Heat Recovery Units

Enables heat recovery units to be installed in windows for ease of installation.

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185.00 + VAT (222.00 inc VAT)

Extension Kit for Heat recovery units

Extends the HRV unit through thick walls.

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40.00 + VAT (48.00 inc VAT)

Kair HRV150 Hour Meter

Kair HRV150 Hour Meter records how long the heat recovery unit has been running.

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15.00 + VAT (18.00 inc VAT)

Kair HRV150 Pen Size RH Meter

Kair HRV150 Pen Size RH Meter measures relative humidity.

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15.00 + VAT (18.00 inc VAT)

Condensation and Air Pollution Condensation and Air Pollution Learn More About Condensation and Air Pollution From The Following Independent Sources

Solving Mould, Damp and Condensation Problems

The Kair KHRV150 is perfect for you if you are looking to solve a damp and condensation problems in one of your rooms, such as your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, living room, lavatory, washroom, conservatories, office and bedroom. 

Continuous Heat Recovery Ventilation for your home

This KAIR KHRV150 unit is perfectly suited to your needs as it automatically controls the humidity of your room for you, so you can relax knowing that it will take care of everything for you.  The unit also offers you continuous trickle ventilation, so it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe. Continuous ventilation is the key in keeping your home mould free.

Heat Recovery Reducing your heating bills

This KAIR KHRV150 unit is highly energy efficient so it will help you save money on your heating bill. Up to 86% heat recovered from extracted air, means even in cold winter weather the incoming clean air will remain at almost the same room temperature. 

Clean filtered air for you and your family

This KAIR KHRV150 unit is 100% completely safe for your to put in your bedroom or your child's bedroom since it has a very low voltage, keeping you and your family safe. By providing adequate ventilation the unit maintains the recommended humidity levels, preventing harmful bacteria being breathed in.

Easy Installation of the K-KRV150 Unit

This KAIR KHRV150 can be installed using a 152mm core drill.  Phillips or Tamperproof Screws are supplied in the box with installation instructions.  The required wall thickness is from 229mm (9inch) to 356mm (14inch); this is the standard for British homes. There is an extension kit available for thicker walls

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