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Nuaire Genie Kitchen and Bathroom Extractor Fans

Nuaire Genie DC Bathroom & Kitchen Extractor fan range that can be used in conjunction with Whole house ventilation or Heat recovery systems

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The Nuaire GENIE DC range of bathroom/toilet/Kitchen extract fans operate continuously to provide background ventilation with boost extract as and when required.

Nuaire Genie Range Features & Benefits

•Complies with Building Regulation ventilation requirements.
•Exceptionally quiet operation, imperceptible to a maximum of 30dBA @ 3m.
•Various control options available.
•Available in 12v and 230v models.
•Suitable for surface, semi-recessed*, and duct mounting.
•Flame retardant construction for optimum safety.
•Clip in and push fit components for simpler and quicker installation and maintenance.
•5 Year warranty with extended warranty options
•Easily removed, cleaned and replaced push fit washable filter.
•Simple installation and maintenance using clip in components.

 * semi recessed in ceilings requires a bracket @ additional cost


Nuaire Genie BrochureNuaire Genie Brochure Nuaire Genie Brochure

Nuaire Genie DC 12V RANGE Bathroom Mechanical Extr

Nuaire Genie DC Bathroom and Wet room 12 volt Mechanical extract Fans

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118.00 + VAT (141.60 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie-DC 230V RANGE

Genie DC Kitchen or utilty 230 volt Mechanical extract Fans

more info...

103.00 + VAT (123.60 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie- PIR 230V RANGE

Nuaire Genie PIR 230 volt Mechanical extract Fan MOVEMENT SENSOR

more info...

103.00 + VAT (123.60 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie-230V Standard

Nuaire Genie 230 volt Mechanical extract Fans

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75.00 + VAT (90.00 inc VAT)


Genie M Installed below the surface 230 volt Mechanical extract Fans

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99.00 + VAT (118.80 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie-230V RANGE

Nuaire Genie 230 volt Mechanical extract Fans

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80.00 + VAT (96.00 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie Semi recessed mounting bracket

Universal for both walls and ceiling semi recessed mounting of Nuaire Genie DC fans

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15.00 + VAT (18.00 inc VAT)

Nuaire Window Kit


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41.00 + VAT (49.20 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie-12V RANGE

Nuaire Genie 230 volt Mechanical extract Fans

more info...

99.00 + VAT (118.80 inc VAT)

Nuaire Genie DC replacement filters

Replacement filters for the Nuaire Genie DC, Genie 12volt and the new 230 range of fans

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10.00 + VAT (12.00 inc VAT)

Condensation and Air Pollution Condensation and Air Pollution Learn More About Condensation and Air Pollution From The Following Independent Sources




The Genie fans have a washable filter fitted to protect the fan/motor assembly from
towel lint, talc etc. and to prolong the life of the unit.
However, some fine dust may find its way through the filter
and could build up on the motor and/or impeller. It is therefore
strongly recommended that all units are inspected and cleaned at
least every six months.


At all times take care not to damage, distort or disturb the balance
of the impeller. Remove the filter and the electronic control module.
Spring aside the two clips and remove the fan module Inspect and
replace any damaged items.
Using a soft brush or dry cloth remove dust and dirt from the fan
module. Wash front cover in warm soapy water and dry
thoroughly. Re-fit fan and electronic control module, replace front
cover and secure with screws. Wash filter on tepid water to which
a little mild detergent has been added. Shake out excess water and
allow to dry naturally. Replace filter. Refit the retaining screws.  Test run the unit.

Replacement of Parts

Should any component need replacing Nuaire keep extensive stocks
for quick delivery. Ensure that the unit is electrically isolated,
before carrying out any work.
When ordering spare parts, please quote the serial number of the
unit and the ARC number of the purchase if possible.
(This information will be available on the fan label).


The 5 year warranty starts from the day of delivery and includes
parts and labour for the first year.
The remaining period covers replacement parts only.
This warranty is conditional on planned maintenance being

Service Enquiries

Dampshop can assist you in all aspects of service. Our service

department will be happy to provide any assistance required,

initially by telephone and If necessary arrange for an engineer
to call.  0161 626 0747


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