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Lofty Remcon Positive Air Ventilation Unit

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The Lofty Remcon Positive Input Ventilation Unit With A Remote Control.

The Lofty Remcon is a loft installed positive input ventilation (PIV) system used to combat condensation problems to the whole house.  The lofty Remcon ventilation system is a one unit ventilation unit used as a whole house ventilation system. The Lofty Remcon system is installed in the loft out of sight for automatic ventilation for a Dryhome* with no condensation.


*Dryhome is a registered trade name for dryhome ventilation systems

Lofty Remcon Remote Controlled Positive Input Vent

Lofty Remcon Remote Controlled Positive Input Ventilation fully Remote Controlled.

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340.00 + VAT (408.00 inc VAT)

Lofty Remcon Replacement Filter

Replacement Air Filter for your Lofty Remcon Home Ventilation System. Lofty Remcon recommend that you replace your filter approximately twice a year to maintain its peak air cleaning efficiency.

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24.99 + VAT (29.99 inc VAT)

Condensation and Air Pollution Condensation and Air Pollution Learn More About Condensation and Air Pollution From The Following Independent Sources

The Lofty Remcon keeps your home dry and healthy removing the condensation from the whole house. Controls condensation to the whole house.
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