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Nuaire Flatmaster 100mm Ducting Kit

Nuaire Flatmaster 100mm Ducting Kit
Nuaire Flatmaster ducting kit 100mm round

Choice Of Colour For External Grill - Select your choice of external grill colour

2mtr 100mm Round Duct (PVC1200-4WH)
Extra 2m length 100mm round duct includes an extra pipe hanger and connector (add 12.50)

100mm 90 Degree Angle (PVC490WH)
Nuaire 90 Degree Universal Bend 100mm Pipe (add 2.30)
Nuaire Flatmaster 100mm Ducting Kit
45.00 + VAT
(54.00 inc VAT)


The Kit Comprises Of:

 Image 100mm-round.jpgImage low-resistance-louvre-grill.jpgImage 100mm-pipe-connector.jpgImage pipe-hanger.jpgImage duct-accessories.jpg

PVX104: 1 x External Grill Standard Colour White

(See Above For Colour Change: Available in Terracotta, Brown and Cotswold Beige)

PVC104LR: 1 x Internal Louvered Grill Low Resistance

PVC493WH: 1 x Connector for 100 Dia Pipe

PVC496WH: 1 x Pipe Fastner To Suit 100mm Dia Pipe

PVC1200-4WH: 2 x 100mm Dia PVC Pipe x 2 Metres

PVCDSEAL: 1 x Tube of Duct Sealant

This kit will span 3 metre duct & unit length, down load typical installation PDF below

 Download nuaire-flatmaster-round-duct.pdf nuaire-flatmaster-round-duct.pdf


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