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Nuaire Cyfan

Nuaire Cyfan
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Nuaire Cyfan Extraction Fan for use in all wet room situations

Nuaire Cyfan Window Mounting Kit
(add 11.76)

Nuaire Cyfan Wall Installation Kit
(add 6.15)

Nuaire Cyfan Recess Kit
(add 5.88)

Nuaire Cyfan Plate
(add 5.00)

Nuaire Cyfan Replacement Filter
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Nuaire Cyfan
126.66 + VAT
(151.99 inc VAT)

Nuaire Cyfan - One Fan


One of Nuaire’s latest developments is a unique, compact and cost effective ‘one fan’ solution. Designed for the social refurbishment market, this innovative, energy efficient fan has been cleverly designed to suit all wet room applications and is the smallest centrifugal fan on the market.


Includes all the standard Features & Benefits 

  • Meets All Building Regulation RequirementsImage nuaire-cyfan-unit.jpg
  • Guarantees The Correct Airflow Every Time
  • Meets Every Application Required
  • Extracts The Highest Flow Rate Using The Lowest Amount Of Energy
  • 5 Year Warranty 


The extract fans shall be as Nuaire Ltd ‘Cyfan’ and shall include the following.
The fan shall be capable of a fully adjustable duty of between 6 and 60l/s when installed with a through the wall 300mm duct and external low pressure grille.
The fan shall be complete with low energy motors with sealed for life bearings having a maximum of 30Wconsumption at 60l/s. The fan must not exceed 0.5w of energy in ‘stand-by’ mode in compliance with the EUP Directive.
The motor shall have locked motor protection to prevent overheating in the event of fan failure.
The fan shall operate at a noise level of no more than 45dBA at 3m when at maximum speed.
The fan shall be capable of operating in ‘continuous’ mode with independent low level and boost settings ranging from 6 l/s up to 60l/s complete with overrun facility ranging from 1-30 minutes. The fan shall incorporate a switch to enable the fan to operate as an intermittent fan with settings of 15l/s, 30l/s or 60l/s as required.
All in accordance with part ‘L’ of the 2010 building regulations and to meet the specific requirements of all individual applications. 100mm diameter and 125mm diameter spigot options must be available to suit the given mode of operation and the intended application.
The fan shall be suitable for operation without a filter and an easily accessible, removable impellor for ease of cleaning – a fail-safe electrical fan power cut off must be incorporated within the fan cover to ensure safety during any cleaning operation. A facility for an ‘optional’ washable filter must also be incorporated as an alternative to the described cleaning operation.
The fan shall be one unit suitable for both 230V operation and by a simple conversion by the installer to a 24V DC SELV operation complete with housing for the transformer components. The fan shall also be IPX4 rated.
The fan shall also be capable of boosting the fan speed automatically when the humidity level rises above 50%. This must include ‘humidity tracking’ such that the boost will gradually increase and decrease in accordance with the rise and fall in humidity levels to enable effective humidity control in the most energy efficient way.
The fan shall also be complete with a ‘day-run-monitor’ to enable verification of the fan operation over any period of time.
The case shall be made of 100% re-cycable ABS or PC ABS plastic
For commissioning purposes the unit shall have a miniature control panel mounted in its facia hidden behind the front cover facilitated high and low speed adjustment together with run on timer. The front cover shall be removable without the aid of tools. Any adjustments shall be quickly and easily achieved with a standard screwdriver. A control panel shall have status indication lamps behind the grille section. 
In addition to the above the fan shall have the following options:
  • Side spigot kit for multi-room operation
  • Recess kit
  • Window mounting kit 
All of the above shall be complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty (1 year parts and labour and 4 additional years parts only).

Download cyfanleaflet.pdf cyfanleaflet.pdf

Download cyfan-specification.pdf cyfan-specification.pdf

Download nuaire-cyfan-technical-information.pdf nuaire-cyfan-technical-information.pdf

Download nuaire-cyfan-installation-and-maintenance.pdf nuaire-cyfan-installation-and-maintenance.pdf

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